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3 Home Entrance Points to Secure

05/10/2015 Back To Blog

When it comes to protecting your property and preventing unlawful entry, it is crucial to know which areas are vulnerable to easy access, intrusion, and get set to doing something about it.

If you are one of the clueless owners when it comes to these things, here are three entrance points necessary to secure:

Secure Yours Home Entrance

One of the first entrance points in your property is the entrance found in the front of your home. Thieves know that some homeowners tend to forget to lock their doors behind them as they enter the house. You might want to reinforce the entrance by considering deadbolt installation. By doing so, ensure not having only one lock. Moreover, this type is harder to pick or jimmy by someone trying to enter without permission. Choose between a single and a double lock.  Likewise, consider duplicate keys in case you misplace the original ones. The second entry is garage doors due to being easy targets when it comes to intruders and thieves. For this reason, seeing to it that you keep all areas covered is important. Not only can thieves use this as shelter in case access is gained, there are also many tools they use to get inside your home. If you have a service door in the garage, lock fitting will go a long way. Consider putting a deadbolt to secure the service door. If you have a door in the garage that serves as another entrance to the house, have a reliable locksmith install another set of deadbolt. We at Locksmith Walthamstow help you install this type of lock in a seamless manner. Another smart step is ensuring padlocks for your tools and working stations are installed. These are areas where burglars can access tools such as screw drivers to gain entry inside. By making your garage impenetrable to unauthorised people, they will think twice before entering. Another weak point in the home when it comes to security is the door at the back. This is the part of the home thieves will most likely use as entrance. Apart from installing a motion detector lighting, verifying the locks are secure and still functional are important. If parts are damaged, you might be in need of a new lock installation. If there had been a previous intrusion to your home, have it checked for possible burglary repairs. If the intruders were able to open it forcefully, chances are they have broken some parts and areas.

Other Things You Can Do

Of course, add some security features such as having curtains drawn so the home will not be interesting to prying eyes. Do not give the burglars means to have any access, thereby keeping your property and family fully safe. 

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