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Central Locking for the Car

05/10/2015 Back To Blog

Commonly known as power door locks, the car’s central locking enables the driver or the passenger on the front seat to lock or unlock the doors of a car in a simultaneous manner. This is done just by a flip of a switch or a press of a button. First introduced on Scripps-Booth in 1914, power lock doors were not really that common until it was re-introduced by Packard in 1956. As of today, most of the cars of different makes and models offer this security feature.Central Locking

There are also big automobile brands that have advanced this feature today. Their cars can now unlock other parts of the vehicle, such as the luggage compartment and the fuel filler door. There are also locks which possess an automatic activation system, whereby locks function once the vehicle reaches a speed limit or when placed into gear. For security purposes, power door locks are, indeed, valuable and should be considered by car owners all the time.

Handsfree Locking System

Ford first introduced the external keypad sort of a keyless lock, whereby car owners simply enter a combination of numbers to open the door without using the key. Today, a remote keyless system is featured in many cars with central locks. The system enables the driver or passenger to press a button on a key fob to lock/unlock the vehicle. There are also makes and models that have a remote control when opening and closing the windows.

The locking/unlocking of the car door is confirmed by a horn signal or a light. The driver also has the option to switch between the two variants. Whilst light signals are discreet, the horn signals can be distracting to people nearby, especially in public parking spaces. However, both of them offer the same purpose and level of protection. In cases where power door locks get tampered with or you can’t open the car door, there is no need to panic. Professional help is just around the corner, and automobile locksmiths are always ready to provide assistance to persons in need of their services. Locksmith Walthamstow ensures quality locksmith services at reasonable rates.

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