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Do you want to learn more about new locks? Do you have questions about key issues and how you can deal with them? Here below you can find answers to a plethora of frequently asked questions about both keys and locks. They will be useful and offer solutions

  • How come the key is turning, but I cannot unlock the door?

    There are several possible causes to this problem. The bolt may be stuck inside the door frame because of a loose strike plate or loose hinges. In this case, the solution will involve adjusting or replacing the plate or hinges. Another possible cause of the problem is a broken locking mechanism. The only solution will be to replace it. 

  • How do you install a deadbolt lock?

    Although the dynamics between a tubular lock system and a deadbolt lock are substantially different, both systems are installed pretty much the same way. It is crucial to fit the latch assembly through the side hole before fastening the mounting plate, just as it is important to attach a tubular lock’s latch assembly with the tumbler before placing the door knobs.

  • What is the proper way to fit a tubular lock system?

    Fitting a tubular lock system is all about knowing how to set its component parts properly through the door holes. This means that the tumbler must be snugly fit and the latch assembly properly attached to the former. Locksmith Walthamstow can send over its expert technicians to fit tubular locks easily with a simple call.

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