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How to Improve Door Closer Functionality

08/01/2015 Back To Blog

While locks are the primary devices for keeping doors secure, many property owners choose to add extra ones as well. The role of door closers is to improve the level of both security and convenience. These devices are designed to do a perfect job, but their effectiveness declines over time due to various environmental factors. Learn how to keep the functionality of closers optimal at all times.How to Improve Door Closer Functionality

Setting Adjustment

It is best if the settings are checked and readjusted every six months. This is because they may change under the influence of various factors from humidity to extensive use.

Evaluate the swinging and latching functions of the door closer - The swing time is the time necessary for the device to move the door to the frame after it has been opened. The latch time is the time needed for the door to get fully closed after opening. If there is a door lockset installed, the latch function will also work to lock the door.

Decide on the required adjustments - Optimal performance is achieved when the door closes fast enough to prevent the entry of another person without causing discomfort for the user. In the case of public and commercial door closers, the owners are required to adhere to safety rules when selecting the settings.

Adjust the swinging and latching speeds using the screws on the body of the closer - Check the owner’s manual of the device to determine which turning direction is for speed increase and which one is for speed decrease. Climb a stable double sided ladder and use a sufficiently large screwdriver to adjust the speeds. 

Cleaning and Lubrication

Check the condition of the device first - If there is corrosion or oil leakage, the device must be repaired or replaced right away. This is as important for security as timely lock repair.

Remove rust with a safe cleaned and oil residue with mild solvent - You must use only products which are safe for the metal that the device is made from. Consult the owner’s manual for recommended products. Use only soft non-abrasive cleaning tools like microfiber cloth and soft brushes.

Add light lubricating oil to the internal mechanism of the swing or sliding door closer - Apply a very thin layer of the lubricant to all moving internal components of the device at the sections where their surfaces get in contact with each other.

All door closing devices should be cleaned and lubricated at least once a year for best results.

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