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Take Better Care Of Your Door Locks

11/21/2016 Back To Blog

Your door locks at home make up the most important aspect of your home security. A properly fitted one will provide you and your family with the protection that you need to keep intruders out for many years. They do have a lifespan however, which could pose a problem for you when it breaks down. This lifespan can be extended significantly however, by making sure that you properly maintain them, pushing back the day when you’ll need to have your locks fixed or replaced by a locksmith.

Make sure your doors are properly fitted

Take Better Care Of Your Door LocksA good start to ensuring that your door locks enjoy a long and functional life, is by making sure that the doors that they are fitted to are properly installed. A sagging door puts unnecessary pressure on your lock’s bolt and latch, raising the possibility that you might need to have your lock replaced sooner than you expected.

Gently cleaning your locks

Regularly cleaning your locks is a great and simple way to keep them in good condition, but only when it is done correctly. Most manufacturers recommend using only a damp cloth, or at best a mild detergent when cleaning them, since abrasive chemicals and cleaning agents may damage the locks finish over time, especially if  it is applied extensively. A good rule is that if you are unsure of how to do it yourself, rather have a locksmith company perform such maintenance tasks for you.

Lubricate them once a year

All of your door locks require annual lubrication, and this can be done yourself if you take care not to overdo it, and to use the correct materials. Most manufacturers warn against using petroleum based lubricants which are likely to make the problem worse. Instead, it is recommended that you use dry lubricants such as graphite or Teflon. Apply a small amount of these lubricants to the keyway and turn the key repeatedly, making sure to wipe off excess debris from the key each time. Don’t overdo it however, or you might need a new lock installed sooner than you think.

Copy and keep duplicate keys

One of the most common causes for having your door locks changed is misplacing or breaking their keys. If you have not prepared for this by having the primary key copied and safely stored away, you may find that you need to have a perfectly good lock replaced when it would otherwise be unnecessary. So to keep your locks for longer, be sure to have a copy of their keys safely stored somewhere where it can be easily accessed by you and no one else.

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