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Superior tips in relation to locks and keys are within reach! See the page for more information.

Discover a great variety of important and practical tips in the locksmith field. Read them carefully and follow them strictly to get even higher security from locks and similar devices. Feel welcome to come back to this dedicated web page to obtain more practical advice and knowledge whenever the need arises.

  • Maintain your transponder chip key

    It needs cleaning to work properly. Add a few drops of alcohol to a soft cloth and wipe the plastic case and the blade clean. If you notice any rust on the blade, you should remove it right away. Use the mildest product you can find. If there's dirt stuck around the buttons, you should remove it with an orange stick or a toothpick rather than with a metal tool.

  • If You Are Worried About Bump Keys, Get a UPVC Lock

    Bump keys, or “master keys”, are able to move pins out of the locked position. UPVC door locks are resistant to bump keys because of their special door lock design.

  • Protect locks from dust during structural projects

    If the project for repair or renovation involves the release of small particles from surfaces or materials, you have to cover the locks with paper or another thick non-porous material. Make sure that the covers are properly secure. They should go over the cylinder and mortise and the strike plate, if the door will remain open.

  • Do not use the key as a door handle

    The specialists of Locksmith Walthamstow  share that they often see broken keys stuck inside locks due to improper use. When you enter the key and turn it on the side, you will hear the familiar click. At this point, you need to grab the handle and push it down or forward depending on its design.

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