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UPVC Door Locks

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Your UPVC door locks must be in perfect working order if they are to provide adequate security for your household. A broken UPVC door will provide criminals the perfect opportunity to gain easy access to your house. Here are examples of common faults that if left unattended can prove to become serious security risks.UPVC Door Locks

Loose or Floppy Door Handle

Sometimes the locking mechanism within the handle can falter. UPVC door locks usually have a multi-point locking system, and one of the hooks or bolts can become reluctant to retract. This can cause the lock to seem stiff or need jiggling to operate. This constant jiggling over time can cause all kinds of internal long term damage and eventually lead to the handle having this loose feel. Having a lock change will enable the locking mechanism to function properly and in most cases will result in the handle staying in normal working order for longer. The handle is often the first place a potential intruder will check for weakness, so it is vital to keep it strong and in fine condition. 

Older UPVC Lock Designs

UPVC lock designs have evolved over time to offer greater security. If you still keep one of the older models, you could be at greater risk. Older designs usually feature a latch and roller style lock. Newer more secure models have a latch, deadbolt and hook variant, which offer a far more robust mechanism. Our specialists in UPVC door and window lock repair will be able to update older designs for modern upgrades, often without having to replace the entire frame and door. This can often prove far less costly than having to update the entire structure. Modern locks typically work far smoother, degrade slower and offer greater resistance to jamming and failure.   

Expert UPVC Door Lock services 

Call Locksmith Walthamstow for expert UPVC Door Lock services including full lock repair, security upgrading, door adjustment, quality maintenance, part replacement and security advice. We can help to ensure you UPVC door installations are carried out with expert precisions and make sure your locking mechanisms are fitted to offer you the best protection possible. 

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